Business Proposal For

  • Innovative & Enthusiastic IT Entrepreneurs

    Active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs can fully exploit the potentialities of a coompany available resources.such as Softwares, Technology and Capital.

  • Software companies

    Softwares Companies were increase growth in business using these softwares.Solver Provide software for every trade.

  • Website designers and developers

    Web Developers & Designers are genrate packages of 'website + Accounting Software' increase own turnover figures.

  • IT Startups

    Great oppurtunity for those startups who were survived because of their financial terms & they genrate side income by selling these softwares.

Road Map To Start Your own Software Company

  • No Investment Required

    To Become a part of this programme 'No Investment Requirement', Only Concentrate on sales.

  • No Programming Required

    No need of technical skills for join this programme only determination & sales skills will increase your income.

  • No Experience Required

    No need of experience in software trade to join this programme.

  • No Need to Hire Software Engineer

    Most Important, No need of software Engineer Every Technical Problem will tackled by Company.

Resale Our Products on Your own Brand Name

No need to hire high package software engineers and spend crores of rupees and years of your life developing erpsoftwares.

World class ERP Software privately whitelabeled on your company name.

Your website, Email-ID, company logo, product name / logo, everything will be rebranded as per your company.

Maintain business confidentiality among your staff, executives & customers.

How it works

We provide specialized ERP Software for every segment of market

Step 1 - Get our software setups rebranded on your own company name

1. Our team will help you transform branding part of these softwares as per your own company name. Means software products can be rebranded as developed and marketed by your company.

2. It hardly takes 20-30 minutes to rebrand a software. Once you have completed rebranding of these softwares, you need to upload demo versions of these products on your website.

Step 2 - Upload Softwares to your Website

1. Display these products on your Website to help your customers download demo versions of these software and evaluate them be making a final purchase.that looks nice. Now when you have softwares on your website, its time to grow your customer base.

Step 3 - Implement software in global arena; work on leads given by company

1. Business ERP Softwares are in huge demand not only in your local market but in every city, every state and every business.

2. Along with software products, our company will transfer you prospective leads of interested buyers for these products.

**Our dedicated telecallers team will generate software leads for you on your Own Brand name and transfer the interested buyers to your company for software installation and training

Software Training Part

** Help your customers self-learn and understand deep secrets and functionality of erp software with onscreen video tutorials.

How to experience Total Control over Your Business

The total system is maintained and controlled at backend by Our partner CRM. Every partner is given a partner code and password of this CRM.
Partner CRM will help you
1) Do Final Verification every software license.
2) Manage list of used and unused licenses.
3) Manage list of all installations.
4) List of clients
5) Manage New Installations Asking licenses
6) Demo extension authority
7) Control Annual Renewal
8) Manage software references / leads given by customers
9) List of clients need an employee
10)List of software installed by your reference partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything I understood.. we will be doing online marketing, our team giving demo in the market, but there will be number of players like us. Suppose a case where we have done software installation and complete training, after some days we come to know that customer has purchased software license from some another vendor... We input our money and efforts, fruit is taken by someone else... How to handle such situations....?

Under branding concept, Every software is bound with your partnercode. In case you have done installation and training, then it can be activated with licenses given to that particular partner only. No one else can activate the software on that PC. Means the more demo softwares you distribute through telemarketing, the more clients you will get.

Can we create our own network of reference partners / resellers..? if yes, then how we come to know which installations are done of our reference partners / resellers..? In case of any confusion, who have the right to get commission…?

Sure, even we recommend you to create your own network of reference partners. There are number of computer dealers in every city. When a businessman thinks to computerize his shop, the very first person he approaches is “Computer Dealer”. Every computer dealer has number of leads for software. Now you can tieup with local ‘Computer dealers’ to make them ‘Reference Partners’.
Every reference partner is expected to do software installation and provide basic training to the customer. Whichever customers finally purchase the software, he will be given a share.
We have introduced “Reference Partners Management tool” to overcome all these confusions related to software installations, sharing structure and proper client information.

In case we need customization in any software, or we have clients demanding to design a software as per their requirement, then what..?

90% of the software is self-customizable. You can design any Invoice or Statement without any programming skills. Use Colors , Logos, Lines, Borders, watermark to beautify any print design. Even you can create any kind of report like stock report, accounts report, summaries using your programming skills. Software is a field of research. Great ideas are always welcome. Feel free to share your views, ideas, suggestions at Common suggestions that are beneficial for everyone are definitely given attention. Personal customization for single party is not feasible for us and never promised.

question in every mind after seeing this concept…Why Branding…?

Reason No. 1 To empower IT Startups, software & Website companies, we have introduced this unique and revolutionary concept or Rebanding.

Practically any software / website development company or individual, First of all, they go to market for requirement collection. Then develop software on the basis of requirement given by customer. Testing it at office as well as customer place, making changes again and again. Then take user acceptance test. Then user satisfaction, after sale phone attending. Finding same trade customer again and satisfy him.

As a result, a visionary and innovative mind becomes bounded in this process. In the end, if you calculate all the cost is consumed in his survival only. His dream of creating a great company image become silent after some time and life become an adjustment.

Now See Solver Solutions branding concept…..

Means, 0% Investment in development. No need to hire high package software developers. The only opportunity where an innovative person gets a chance to realize his dreams of making a world class software company.

Reason No. 2

As per our survey, If you look at market history. When a research company in any field develops and markets a product. A no. of competitor companies comes with the same formulation and identical product. For example Chinese mobile. Today there are number of companies selling the same product in market. Product is same, but only due to self-competition; mobile market is able to grow at a very high speed. Can you imagine how many number of persons this market feed. How many people are engaged in distribution, selling, servicing etc. etc.

Same as this concept, we want to grow software market. So that every visionary person and innovative mind gets a chance to develop his own company on his brand name as well as realize his dreams.

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